Referências à “pedalada fiscal” em inglês

Por: Ulisses Wehby (Tecla Sap)

Financial Times

The pretext is alleged fiddling of the public accounts to disguise a budget deficit, which she denies.

The Economist

On paper, Ms Rousseff’s main sin is resorting to accounting trickery in order to disguise the true size of the budget deficit.

The New York Times

Congressional leaders are pressing ahead with impeachment proceedings, based on accusations that the president’s use of funds from state banks to cover budget gaps was improper and may have been illegal.

The Guardian

Rousseff’s enemies are attempting to launch impeachment proceedings on several grounds, including ongoing investigations into alleged budget irregularities and campaign finance violations.

The Wall Street Journal

The committee will hear Ms. Rousseff’s defense against accusations that she illegallytampered with the federal budget to mask the government’s widening fiscal deficit.


That means Rousseff probably won’t have enough votes in the National Congress to avoid impeachment proceedings stemming from allegations that she tried to hide a budget shortfall ahead of elections in 2014.


Her political rivals are accusing her of using the country’s pension fund to shore up budget gaps, which she denies.

The Telegraph

Congress members are preparing to sit all hours to determine Ms Rousseff’s political fate over allegations of manipulating public accounts during her first term.

USA Today

The president faces numerous impeachment efforts, including for allegedly manipulating the budget to boost public spending in order to look good for the 2014 elections, which she denies.

Los Angeles Times

But to remove her from office, lawmakers are relying on the accusation that she broke budgetary rules to hide the size of the deficit, and they assert this is an impeachable offense.


Last week, the legislature’s lower house selected a committee that would lead impeachment charges against the president, claiming that she tinkered with the budget to improve her chances for reelection in 2014.

The Washington Times

The heart of the case against the president: that she violated the country’s budget law by using accounting tricks to mask the true size of the deficit.


He rebutted allegations that she broke the law by taking out loans from state banks to cover up a budget deficit, saying opposition lawmakers were reaching for an excuse to oust their rival.

Fox News

Temer, who is the leader of the Democratic Movement, would assume the presidency if Rousseff was impeached for breaking fiscal laws.

The Globe and Mail

Ms. Rousseff is technically facing impeachment over allegations of misusing state bank funds to cover budget shortfalls.

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