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Professional Translators

Translation goes beyond words. When it comes to pitching your product overseas, explaining your services to limited English proficient clients or even communicating within the same multinational company, translation services are essential. Professional translators become an extension of your business. Professional translators are talented linguists with an understanding of how business works and what is needed to promote a clear communication between parties. They also bring with them an insight into the cultural nuances of a particular country/culture and can act as a liaison to help overcome potential cross cultural obstacles.



Simultaneous Translation/Interpreting is when the source-language speaker speaks continuously, while the translator sits in a sound-proof booth or uses mobile translation equipment and translates the message through a microphone, simultaneously, in the target language. Because of the fast-paced and exacting nature of this type of translation, two translators are typically involved, working in 20-minute increments.



How it works

We try to accommodate all our clients' needs and therefore offer the choice of an hourly, half-day or full-day rate. We can send a translator/interpreter to your business meeting, workshop or conference anywhere in Brazil or abroad.

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What clients are saying

"Rodrigo translated for me on a research trip and was fantastic to work with. I've worked with a number of translators and I highly recommend his work".  Rachel Jackson - Princeton University  Researcher.


"Rodrigo is a very dedicated and savvy translator/interpreter. His English is flawless and he relentlessly seeks to hone his talents by attending courses and seminars whenever he has a chance to. I wholeheartedly endorse this recommendation". Márcio Rubens - Legal English expert and certified translator.

"Rodrigo is an excellent translator, both for text from English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English. He is also completely professional in his business dealings and a pleasure to work with. Your translation will be in good hands!" Lynnea Hansen - Conference Interpreter, Brazil & US. 


Document Translation


Our professional translators provide document translation services in several areas of expertise. We're experienced in translations ranging from Business, Sales and Human Resources, to Technical, Marketing and Legal documents.  We also provide official / certified translation services for Brazilian authorities. All translations that are submitted to the government must be done by officially recognized translators and identified as such in order for them to be accepted according to the law.


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To receive a quote, please use our contact form below. Quotes are typically sent within 24 hours of file receipt. All received documents are 100% secure and confidential.


* All non-certified translatons are priced by the word, and there is a minimum fee of $100.00 for each translation project. Minimum rates are negotiable dependent upon volume. Additional formatting fees are charged by the hour and will be included in the price quote prior to translation if requested. 


TEL: +55 31 9 9173 9983



About US

Rodrigo Guedes is a company providing professional Brazilian Portuguese Translation and Interpreting Services in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Its founder Rodrigo Guedes is an experienced certified Brazilian Portuguese translator and interpreter who has translated everything from major business conferences and workshops to meetings, interviews, and visits for government authorities and the private sector. Rodrigo Guedes focuses on making Portuguese and English communication as efficient as possible both in terms of culture and language by offering Professional Portuguese translation and interpretation whether in document translation, consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. 


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